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Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again

I let out a load groan while glancing at the schedule this week for my heroes. Coming up this weekend -- three games against the White Sox.

Nothing against the White Sox. I wouldn't mind playing them twelve times a year. But only if they were in the National League.

Great googaly moogaly, I despise interleague play. I know Baron Budhausen and his cronies are very pleased with themselves for ginning up this annual stunt. But I can't stand it.

For me, it disrupts the flow of season. Here we are, middle of May, just when the real pennant races are getting interesting. And three games with the Sox get crammed down my craw. It all just seems so artificial.

Unfortunately, we're stuck with it. But I will take solace in the fact that no less a personage than Larry Jones thinks it sucks, too.

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