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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Double Your Standard, Again

Anyone notice or comment on this little goody from earlier this month? All of you howling for the scalp of Barry Bonds or voting "no" on Mark McGwire for the Hall of Fame want to chime in here? Let's see a show of hands here: how many think that Dana Stubblefield's accomplishments be marked with an asterisk, or stricken from the recond books altogether?

I'm hearing crickets here, people.

A Google search for the exact phrase "Barry Bonds steroids" this morning turned up 35,000 results. A Google search for the exact phrase "Dana Stubblefield steroids" turned up three (3) results.

Here's another one that caught my eye. MLB takes crap every year for it's record on hiring of minorities. Some of the criticism is fair, some of it not. As much as Bob and I pile on Bud Selig, we have to admit that his administration has taken some very positive public steps such as the RBI program and the Civil Rights game. There is a lot of progress to be made, but at least I see MLB making some effort.

I suppose the NFL is, too. See? Only 42 years into the history of the game, the Super Bowl will have its' first black referee this year. And just think; 42 is Jackie Robinson's number. What a tribute!

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