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Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Bonds Idea Didn't Fly

The Super Genius had a pretty good idea, but Cardinals management shot it down like they were Dick Cheney and the idea was an 80 year old lawyer.

My favorite part was this:

This time around, a philosophical stance by the organization stopped the idea before it got very far. The Cardinals have a slew of talented young outfielders, and general manager John Mozeliak wants them to play.

"The whole idea of what we tried to do this offseason was to give some of these younger players a chance to play," he said. "Obviously, when we brought in [Juan] Gonzalez, [he was] highly recommended, but there was no risk on our part. I think that's the one guy we'll give it a shot with, and other than that we want to give these younger players a chance to play."

This raises two questions:

1) Who are these young outfielders you speak of? Other than Colby Rasmus, who I grant you is going to be an outstanding player, I can't find the others. Not on the 40 man roster, and not in the farm system.

2) Why in the hell would any sane person sign Juan Gonzales, and on whose recommendation?

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