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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Said "Weiner"

As if they don't have enough trouble on the field, the Kansas City Royals now have problems with their mascot. Seriously, how hopeless do you have to be as a franchise to have this kind of problem?

Perhaps this can be considered as a public service. Perhaps Sluggerrr (damn, that is one stupid name) was merely trying to ensure that Coomer would no longer have to watch Jose Guillen play right field, or Willie Bloomquist play anywhere. I would strongly recommend this defense to Sluggerrr's counsel.

Remember, this is a franchise that actually traded for Yuniesky Betancourt last year. Think about that. The Royals actually looked at all of their options and decided to offer two warm bodies to a team which was about to dump this guy into Puget Sound. And do you know what's really sad about this? Betancourt really IS the best option they have at shortstop right now. This is like realizing that James Inhofe is your best option for climate science.

Poor Royals fan. Another year of watching the Glass House Gang make a mockery of major league baseball.

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