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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So It's Come to This

You know things are getting bad for Albert Pujols.

Last week, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell took Pujols to task for being "surly" and unfavorably compared him to Barry Bonds.

Today, Sully says, "Pujols could learn a lesson from Sosa, or he can continue to morph into the next Barry Bonds."

Geez, that's gotta be the nicest thing any member of the Chicago media has said about Sammy Sosa since...well, since he got a couple hits in his first game with the Orioles.

What mortal sin had Pujols committed to merit such scorn? He called the media "a pain in the [butt]." And he told them not to crowd his locker.

Of course, that's enough to get any player on the media's poop list. Why can't he be more like that nice Mark Grace?


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