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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stop Writing Letters, Dammit!

It’s getting so I dread opening up the Saturday Tribune, for fear of the idiocy the sports eds will print on page 2. My fears were justified again this week, as Cub Fans check in with their votes for the next manager.

J. Miller of beautiful Las Vegas chimes in with this:

The Cubs are out of their minds if they hire Joe Girardi as manager. This guy only hit like .254 and isn’t qualified to be a manager. All this talk about him being manager of the year is just trendy hype.

The Cubs already have the right manager to hire right in the broadcast booth – Bob Brenly. He’s won a World Series. If the Cubs keep Kerry Wood ad Mark Prior and hire Girardi, they have lost this fan permanently, and I’m sure others as well.

Just for the record, Girardi’s career batting average is .267, while Brenly’s is .247, I’m not sure how this determines how good a manager the guy is, but if Miller is right perhaps that bodes well for Neifi’s post-playing career.

If that weren’t enough, a Dick Bonner from sunny Palatine IL also supports the dreamy Bob Brenly:

Who else has watched them daily for two years, knows the personnel, knows what the needs are and what needs fixing? [Brenly] has been a manager and won a World Series. What more is needed?

I’ve been a fan since the early ‘40s and among my old cronies and my seven kids and their families we are all 100 percent behind Bob Brenly...Look at the facts. They all point to Brenly.

Jeez, I can only hope that the Bonners’ extended clan and circle of friends are among the fans who will permanently leave if Brenly isn’t hired. That should free up at least a section in the upper deck for the rest of us sane fans.

I find it amusing that Cub Fans like Miller and Bonner point to Brenly’s World Series ring as proof of his managerial genius. They conveniently forget that Brenly became so stupid in 2004 that he got the boot.

It’s been two weeks since Baker got his boot. In that time, there’s been plenty of gab about which guy won a World Series, which guy did a great job with a roster of rookies, which guy is the most quotable...but little about why this guy will be a better manager for the 2007 Cubs than the other guys [the GROTA guys had a good series about the actual managerial tendencies of the big names involved, but that’s about all I saw]. As my financial advisor likes to remind me, past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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