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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Yankees? In Prime Time? Who Woulda Guessed?

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the TV listings and saw the A’s-Twins game was scheduled for 1:00 pm, while the Yankees-Tigers game got the prime-time spotlight.

Actually, you couldn’t imagine my surprise, because I had felt absolutely no surprise at that turn of events.

I know why Fox and ESPN just loves them some Yankees. New York’s the largest media market and all. But all the rest of the country is a little bigger than New York, and it would be nice to see some games that don’t involve the Yankees (or the Red Sox, for that matter) every once in a while.

Do you think it was MLB’s idea to put all the Yankee games in prime time? Or was it entirely Fox’s decision? Did MLB even bother trying to showcase the other seven teams involved?

And why only one game in prime time during the Division Series? I am fully aware that if they schedule two or three games during prime time I can only watch one at a time. Is that any different than the way things are now, where I can only watch one game because I’m at work while the other two are being played?

If there’s one thing that Baron Budhausen’s reign as “Commissioner” will be remembered for, it will be MLB’s ignominious, ever-growing willingness to whore itself for TV money.

P.S. I know this duplicates what Jim said earlier. But, darn it all, I spent five minutes writing this, and I’m not going to waste that kind of investment…


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