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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Dish Best Served Not At All

Saw some rumors drifting across the Internet this weekend…

Luis Gonzalez wants to sign with a team in the NL West so he can stick it to Arizona 19 times next year.

Carlos Lee may (or may not) want to sign with the Cubs so he can show the good citizens in Chicago that the White Sox were wrong for trading him in 2005.

I don’t have any problem with players wanting to show that they’ve still got it. That kind of competitive drive is good for pro athletes.

But wanting to sign with a particular team to satisfy some revenge fantasy? That’s over the line.

When players exercise their free agency rights and leave their teams, they claim that it’s nothing personal, just business. Why can’t they accept that teams have to make decisions that come down to “just business,” too?

And if I were a GM, I’m not sure I’d want to bring in a player whose main motivation isn’t necessarily to help my team win. Can’t have those negative vibes running the clubhouse chemistry, you know…


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