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Monday, November 06, 2006

Slow News Day

I know it's the off-season and not a lot is going on. But is that any excuse for the Trib editors to run this piece of fluff from Sully?

The Cubs' brain trust will engage in some lively discussions this week at organizational meetings in Arizona, trying to come to a consensus on which middle-of-the-order outfielder to pursue...

Over the weekend, yet another alternative surfaced that's so audacious it probably would have to be labeled Option Z:

Bring back Sammy.

Former Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa told the Associated Press he wants to come back next season and claimed to have many suitors willing to take a chance.

The fact that (a) the Cubs haven't said anything about Sosa and (b) Sosa himself hasn't yet boasted which teams are among his "many suitors" didn't deter Sully or his editors. Even with twelve pages of exciting Chicago Bears coverage, they still had another quarter page to fill.

And Sully is nothing if not effective at filling space.

One wonders how long it will take for this nonsense to morph from Sully talking out of his hinder into "Golly gee whiz, the Cubs want to bring back Sammy!"

Even if Sosa hadn't pulled off his shameful disappearing act in 2004, I wouldn't want him back. His 2004 and 2005 seasons didn't show a player in the decline phase of his career. They showed a player whose career had fallen off a cliff and had reached terminal velocity.

As I said about Bagwell, everything has its time. And everything ends. I don't think any team is desperate enough to even take a flier on Sosa. And any sane person in Sosa's shows would realize it's time to hang it up...

** On a slightly happier note, I see that Ivan DeJesus is back with the team as a "special assistant" to Lou Piniella. I have no idea what his job entails, but DeJesus was a good guy, and a pretty good shortstop. If I'm not mistaken, he set a record for most chances accepted by a shortstop back in the late 1970s. Perhaps he can teach Ronnie Cedeno not to make so many bone-headed plays...


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