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Thursday, October 26, 2006

More on the CBA

Some more details about the new CBA, which will run to 2011.

I'm intrigued by a few changes. Compensation for types A and B free agents has been altered slightly, so teams won't lose as many draft picks after signing free agents. And the pool of Types A and B free agents is reduced -- the top twenty percent for type A, twenty one to forty percent for type B (it was top thirty for type A, and down to the top fifty for type B).

A lot of the deadlines for free agents have been removed, too. So if Roger Clemens decides he's coming back again, he won't have to wait until May 1 to re-up with the Astros.

And, if I'm reading this correctly, the MLBPA has dropped the players' right to demand a trade if they are traded in the middle of a long-term contract.

Revenue sharing, salary tax, and the drug testing program continue unchanged.

Perhaps most important, contraction is off the table for the next five years. I wonder what Loria the Destroyer will use for leverage in his quest for a taxpayer-funded stadium?


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