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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Need More Proof?

I asserted in the previous post that the media fixates on stupid stuff. Fortunately, my friends at the Tower offer ample evidence this week to support my claim:

The Cubs are putting ads on the storage-room doors in the outfield. Because, as we all know, no other teams in the Major Leagues have ads or sponsors or anything. How dare they defile tradition like that! (Oh, and be sure to check out the message board for some unintentionally hilarious responses from outraged Cub Fans…)

And Rick Morrissey offers yet more proof in a series of columns this week just what a wanker he is. But in a way, I’m glad. He gives me hope.

Every time I worry that my blog posts are pointless and stupid, I re-read his columns and feel better. If a big-time journamalist like that can be pointless and stupid, why not me? I’m just some schmuck in my basement, after all – not a guy with a press pass and clubhouse access and a Hall of Fame ballot like Morrissey...


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