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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rain Man

Bob touched on this earlier, but I wanted to offer a tip of the (sweat-resistant) cap to Sandy Alderson and the Rules Committee. Yes, there really is such a committee. It's not easy to be aware of that, since it has done nothing for the past ten years, but a few weeks ago they announced a number of changes. None are ground-breaking (which is good, because ground-breaking change is not needed at this time), but all are distinct improvements.

Most importantly, the idiotic idea that games that result in ties due to rain must be counted as such and completely replayed is gone. Instead, MLB has bowed to logic and will now suspend such games, to be concluded prior to the next scheduled game between the two teams involved.

If you've ever witnessed the sight of professional baseball players intentionally making outs (or conversely, intentionally failing to record them in the field), you know what a mockery of the game this rule led to. This was especially ludicrous because all other games which couldn't be finished (due to curfew, for example) were simply suspended and concluded later.

There is often enough chicanery going on in baseball outside the rules. Good for the Rules Committee for closing a loophole in the rules that encourages more.


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