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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bravo for Life’s Little Ironies, Part Seventy-Eight

A few years ago, Steve Stone’s departure from WGN TV’s Cubs telecasts was hastened by a childish, unprofessional hissy fit he threw on the air in an attempt to make Dusty Baker look bad.

After turning down the Cubs’ request to return (not fired, as many Cub Fans seem to believe), he latched on with ESPN as one of their second- or third-string broadcast teams.

But MLB’s new TV deal means that ESPN will not show as many games as it used to. Long story short, Stoney got cut loose this year.

Even though the broadcast teams were scaled back, ESPN was still on the lookout for new analysts for Baseball Tonight and select games. I mean, if John Kruk can do it, anybody can, right?

One of the new hires: Dusty Baker.

I, for one, find that darkly amusing…

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