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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So the moment Cub Fan has been clamoring for is here: Felix Pie is in The Show.

How long he stays in The Show is TBD. That will depend on two factors: how well he does over the next week or so, and whether or not we find someone to take Jacque Jones off our hands. Good luck with that, Hendry.

It’s a good thing Pie got a hit today. If he took the collar today, the nay-sayers would be out in full force, decrying him as another failed Cubs prospect and breaking out comparisons with Corey Patterson (speaking of whom, it’s been a while since Dr. Phil wrote about what a great player he is…must be something to do with his .701 OPS…).

I have no qualms about recalling Pie to take Soriano’s spot on the roster. Looking at the Iowa team, who else was there?

However, I am less sanguine about playing “wait and see” with Soriano’s hamstring. Reports say that he’ll miss about a week, and then hopes to get back at it.

Why keep him active and play a man short for a week? I’m OK with an eleven man pitching staff, but there’s no reason to handcuff Lou unnecessarily.

More importantly, why run the risk of turning this into something chronic? We’ve all seen plenty of examples where players aggravate a seemingly minor strain by coming back too soon (look at Aramis Ramirez the last few years). Put Soriano on the DL, let him rest and rehab for two or three weeks, and make sure he’s good to go before he plays.

We’ve got a lot invested in Soriano this year. We should be willing to sit him a few weeks in April so he’s able to play in August – when, hopefully, we’ll have a reason to keep our best lineup on the field…



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