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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Deal Him Out

The Cubs have been on the market for about a fortnight. To go with the speculation over who’s going to buy the team, we’re treated to speculation about who won’t buy the team.

Here’s Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal:

I've got a better chance of winning a Nobel Prize than Mark Cuban does of owning the Cubs.

The fix is in, and the Cubs aren't even on the market yet. The fix is in, just as it always is under commissioner Bud Selig when a club is sold.

The Cubs' next ownership group will feature an MLB insider, or someone connected to an MLB insider, or someone who used to be an MLB insider and wants back in.

It sure as heck won't be the maverick Cuban, who would be about as welcome at an MLB owners' meeting as Brad Pitt would be at an Aniston family reunion.

How do we know?

Because Jerry Reinsdorf, the White Sox's influential owner, tells us so.

Reinsdorf, who also owns the Chicago Bulls, hinted to the Chicago Tribune that he would work against Cuban, his fellow NBA owner.

"It is a matter of public record that when Cuban was approved to buy the Dallas Mavericks, the vote was 29-1," Reinsdorf said.

Is it too much to hope that MLB owners wait for people to actually express interest in buying a team before they start bad-mouthing them? I guess it is…

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