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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dred Manny Decision

Good to see that MLB has the rules covered regarding Manny Ramirez' hair. According to MLB's VP of umpires, Mike Port:

"The dreadlocks are part of his body. Thus, if he is hit by a pitch, he would be awarded the base, unless he failed to make an effort to avoid the pitch or was struck by the pitch in the strike zone--in other words, were his hair to intrude upon the strike zone in trying to get out of the way, hanging over the strike zone or such. Also, if tagged out on the bases via a tag or on the hair, he would be out. If he were to be struck on the hair by a batted ball, he would also be ruled out."

And if his hair intrudes into the strike zone, does it mess up Questech? I personally would laugh myself sick if the Red Sox lost a playoff game because of Manny's hair being tagged for the final out.


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