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Monday, June 25, 2007

Misery Loves Company

Saw this nugget of joy over at MLB.com:

Amidst constant media speculation of how Guillen has lost the team or how the White Sox would be better served with another manager, Guillen has received words of support from those in the know within the industry. Atlanta manager Bobby Cox sent Guillen a message to keep believing in himself, and before he left U.S. Cellular Field on Sunday, Cubs manager Lou Piniella exchanged pleasantries with Guillen and told him not to get too overwhelmed by the team's disastrous start.

Two immediate reactions:

1. How bad is your life that Lou Piniella feels compelled to give you the "keep your chin up" inspirational speech? Despite the Cubs' relatively improved play this month, there are a lot of folks out there who still consider Lou's team a disaster...

2. A cursory glance at the calendar reveals that today is 25 June. An elementary knowledge of mathematics reveals that the White Sox are playing their 72nd game of the year this evening. After their 49th game, their record stood at 24-25. Since then, it's 5-17.

By what stretch of the imagination does any of these facts lead anyone to believe that the Sox have had a "disastrous start?" The disaster struck in June, and that's not even early season on our local Little League's schedule...



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