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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rant-dom Thoughts on Lou's Rant

Old news now, I know. But I would be remiss if I didn't make some mention of Lou Piniella's little hissy-fit from last weekend.

First, I found the Chicago media gaggle's reaction to Lou's antics darkly amusing and sadly predictible at the same time. These are the same guys who have been impatiently waiting for Lou's first Chicago meltdown since October -- so impatient that they speculated after every loss that the meltdown was just around the corner. And so breathlessly giddy over the prospect of Lou tossing bases they wasted time in April getting Ken Griffey Jr. to tell stories of Lou's Greatest Seattle Meltdowns.

And when Piniella finally blew his top, they had the gall to act shocked and scandalized.

I don't know why they were compelled to wag their fingers at Piniella. After all, Ozzie Guillen thought Piniella's dirt-kicking exhibition was "funny." And the Chicago gaggle has long held Ozzie as the epitome of managerial professionalism, so he must know of what he speaks.

While I didn't share Ozzie's laughter, I could understand Piniella's frustration. Too bad he had to vent it in such an idiotic way. I was OK with the hat-toss, but he lost me when he started kicking dirt on the umpire. That's just weak, even if the guy got the call wrong. Which he didn't.

And which Piniella also 'fessed up to. He also offered his apologies, and vowed to mind his errant ways. Too little, too late? Perhaps.

But i will give him some small credit for admitting he was in the wrong, rather than shrug off responsibility for his actions by claiming something ludicrous -- like kicking dirt on umpires means something different in Tampa...

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