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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Settle Down

Cub Fans, please settle down. Yes, everyone's in an uproar because our favorite NBA owner has submitted paperwork so he can bid on the Cubs. But it ain't gonna happen.

Look at the owners who have bought into the old boys' club that is MLB since Baron Budhausen took over. Arte Moreno is the only one who isn't bland, boring older guy in a suit. Do you think Cuban would fit in with the rest of the fellas?

Besides, Cuban and the power behind the Baron's throne (Jerry Reinsdorf) can't stand each other (reportedly). Jerry and Cuban have history in the NBA. Do you think he'll overlook that past animosity and let Cuban buy the team just down the el tracks from him?

I'd like to see Cuban get the team just for the entertainment value. But Jim and I have a better chance of raising money through PayPal and buying the team ourselves than Cuban does...



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