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Saturday, July 14, 2007

They Write Letters

The sports eds at Tribune Tower must be having some difficulties filling their Saturday letters to the editor page. Why else would they print this missive from a reader who takes exception to Mike Downey's cryfest:

CHICAGO -- Mike Downey points out that athletes are given multiple breaks after they break the law or team rules (Tribune, July 12). Then he whines that those in the media seem to be judged more harshly. Welcome aboard the Obvious Express, Mike.

Athletes are entertainers. What they do for a living isn't critical to many people's lives. Someone needs to remind Mr. Downey that the media, at least theoretically, has a higher calling.

Therefore, as with a cop gone bad, the punishment for breaking this public trust needs to be severe.

-- G-- T--

Well said, Mr. T. I wish I had thought of it first...

With the Cubs playing well, and White Sox Fan in hiding, the eds can't rely on inane letters about how crummy the Cubs are to fill their precious column inches. Fortunately, they get plenty of inane letters about Barry Bonds to take up the slack. Like this one from Park Ridge's K.W.:

While many await Barry Bonds' big day to outhit Henry Aaron, no matter how you
slice it, Babe Ruth will always be remembered as the home run king of baseball. He did it best, and he did it faster. Why not compare apples to apples? Ruth not only hit them out of the park, he also pitched. Can't say that for Bonds.

Yes, Ms. W. -- let's compare apples to apples! But if we're going to compare Bonds and Ruth as home run sluggers (the apples, if you will), how does Babe's pitching prowess enter the equation? It would seem to be more of an orange than an apple.

Ah, well -- if life hands you apples and oranges, make a delicious fruit salad, I always say. Thank you, Tribune editors, for once again brightening my Saturday morning with your ever-fruity selection of reader mail!

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