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Thursday, August 09, 2007


OK, so Alfonso Soriano is going to miss a month with a torn quad. I believe the technical term for this turn of events is "suck-tacular."

When we were at Wrigley Field a few weeks ago, I was pondering just how lackluster the lineup is outside the Big Three (Soriano, Derrek Lee, and Aramis Ramirez). Now, Fonzie's gone, and A-Ram is missing time with a sore wrist (or hand, or something).

So lately, the lineup has been less that formidable. Here's today's Mollycoddler's Row:

Theriot SS
Jones RF
Lee 1B
Murton LF
DeRosa 3B
Fontenot 2B
Kendall C
Pie CF
Lilly P

We're approaching Royals-level lineup here, folks.

No one cares that Soriano and Ramirez are hurt, so it's going to be up to these guys to suck and up and try to score some more runs. I suppose there's a chance that this rag-tag collection can do it. But I'm not overly optimistic.



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