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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Any Port in a Storm

While I was off on my sabbatical, a funny thing happened...

The Cardinal Fan in my acquaintance called me early in December all geeked up. The reason for his glee?

His heroes had signed Cesar Izturis.

Yes, Cardinal Fan was happy as a pig in slop (to borrow a favorite metaphor of Cardinal Fans) because (in his words), the Cards "stole the Cubs' shortstop." Guess he missed the news that the Cubs drop-kicked Izturis to Pittsburgh in July.

Cardinal Fan was also psyched that Izturis was an upgrade over the scrappy David Eckstein ("scrappy," of course, being one letter off from a proper description of Eckstein). Sadly, that's probably true.

How bad an off season is your team having when your fans are excited about picking up Cesar Izturis? Better make sure the Super Genius has a designated driver on call at all times...

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