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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Jim mentions Dr. Phil's latest foray into the world of numbers yesterday, but I would be remiss if I did not point you to Ken Tremendous at FJM for his take on this nonsense.

It has all the snark we've come to expect from Mr. T. But I think my favorite part is the reader comment reminding us that the Cubs' projected starting catcher next year is Geovany Soto. As the reader notes:
The Cubs are replacing a 34 year-old who hit 7 HR in the last four seasons with a 24 year-old who hit 3 HR in 54 big league AB. And this is minus-one.

In Dr. Phil's mind, that's a minus-one. Of course, Dr. Phil was the genius who thought it would be preferable to intentionally walk Barry Bonds every at-bat (and guarantee him a base) than it would be to pitch to him (and have a better-than-even-chance of getting him out). He also came up with the system that teams with the most starting pitchers who threw more than 150 innings the previous year would be in the best shape the next year (again, quantity vs. quality -- Kyle Lohse counted the same as Roy Oswalt).

But math is hard, as Malibu Stacy taught us, so we can't expect the good Doctor to have all the bugs worked out of his various systems.

And the next time Dr. Phil regales us with his latest statistical nonsense just remind yourself: this man votes for the MVP, the Cy Young, and the Hall of Fame. And then weep softly for future generations...

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