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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It's been a pretty quiet March for the Cubs. Even though certain people will shout until they're blue in the face to convince you otherwise.

And while that's good for my heroes, it's bad for the 24-hour news cycle and the poor typists who have to fill all those column inches. As a result, we get inanity like this, courtesy of Dave van Dyck:
Two weeks remain before Milwaukee visits Wrigley Field for real. Do you know where your Cubs are?

Some may still be in Baltimore (Brian Roberts) and some in Boston (Coco Crisp).

Maybe a better question is: Do you know who your Cubs are?

Yes, van Dyck spends 700 words talking about how stuff might change between now and Opening Day. Unfortunately, there's no real information here...just a bunch of warmed-over trade rumors, half-baked hunches, and plain B.S. strung together to form an incredible simulation of a news report.

It's annoying, and I probably whine about stuff like this more than I should. Lord knows I should be glad the paper is just full of stupid crap like this instead of the daily updates on injuries and disgruntlement that have marked Cubs' camp over the last decade.

And just to show how well everyone's getting along, here's a very nice story from Sully. No, seriously. Keep some tissue handy -- you might need it...



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