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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Triumph from the Tower of Ideas

Way back in April, Sully was johnny-on-the spot with a quick blog post trumpeting the fact that the Cubs putzed away a seven-run lead against the Pirates. As I noted at the time, Sully didn't bother to add a follow-up post mentioning the minor fact that the Cubs eventually won the game in extra innings. However, he did helpfully add that the last time the Cubs came back from a seven-run deficit was 22 June, 1999 against Colorado, when they turned a 9-1 Rockies lead into a 13-12 Cubs win.

By an amazing coincidence, the Cubs came back from a 9-1 deficit to defeat the Rockies 10-9 Friday. No, there was no in-game blog post from Sully to tell fans about the amazing turn-around. And, no, there was no mention in Sully's game story about how many years it had been since the Cubs had prevailed despite digging themselves a deep early hole.

Sully did manage to work a reference to the 100th anniversary of the Cubs' last World Series victory into his story. In the second paragraph, no less.

This came a day after Sullly spent the first three paragraphs of Friday's game story rehashing last May's lost weekend. You may remember it -- it started with Carlos Zambrano playing Whack-a-Barrett and ended with Lou Piniella throwing a hissy-fit on the field.

As any j-school graduate could tell you, those lead paragaphs should contain the most important information in the whole piece. Why is year-old information more important than what happened yesterday? Jeebus only knows. It's just how Sully rolls, I guess...

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