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Friday, June 20, 2008

Grasping At Straws

The Toronto Blue Jays fired manager John Gibbons today. Apparently deciding to make every day "Turn Back the Clock Day," they hired Cito Gaston, last seen being put into a lifeboat with a compass and a supply of food and water back in 1997 by a Jays team that went 76-86. Records from that era are spotty at best, but I seem to recall that Gaston pretty much reviled by his entire roster back then. I doubt that ten years out of the game have much improved his ability to interact with his players.

Gibbons was a poor manager, but he's not the one solely responsible for this train wreck. Some people had the idea way back in February that this wasn't the contending team that Gibbons and GM J.P. Ricciardi thought it was. This is a very mediocre offensive team which dumped its' best power source over the side in April after a hissy fit over a two-week slump. When you are looking at Rod Barajas, Brad Wilkerson, and the 40-year old Matt Stairs as upgrades to your offense, you have far, far more problems than can be solved by firing the manager.

At least the Jays made the announcement in mid-day, instead of waiting until the middle of the night like some teams we could name.



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