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Friday, July 11, 2008

That Took Longer Than I Expected

Before I get into the meat of this post, let's have a little reminder of what Kenny said:

There's only one sports team in Chicago that will get a pass. I won't name them. But it ain't us.

Giving passes today is the Trib's Fred Mitchell. Take it away, Fred:

Tuesday's six-player swap with Oakland doesn't figure to render such historic ramifications. But there are no guarantees when young players are sent packing. The Cubs acquired talented but oft-injured right-hander Rich Harden and reliever Chad Gaudin in exchange for speedy infielder-outfielder Eric Patterson, promising young pitcher Sean Gallagher, serviceable outfielder Matt Murton and catching prospect Josh Donaldson.

Patterson has given no indication he might become another Brock. But Brock, then 25, was hitting only .251 with two homers in 52 games in 1964 when the Cubs dealt him. Patterson, also 25, hit .239 with one homer in 20 games with the Cubs.

No, Patterson has given no indications that he's anywhere near as good as Brock. But let's make the Brock-for-Broglio comparison anyway.

Just another way that damned Chicago media gives the non-White Sox team a pass...

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