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Sunday, October 08, 2006

New York: If You Can Whine Here, You Can Whine Anywhere

This is a perfect summary of why I root against the Yankees.

Come to think of it, so is this.

It's pretty sad, really. What we have here is a historic franchise and a fan base that is so full of itself that it can no longer celebrate anything. Even if the Yankees had won the ALDS, the League Championship, and the World Series, it most would only have been payment of a past-due account, and not something joyous. And anything else is reason to consider a 97-game winning team a "sad failure."

I really am not a Yankee hater. I don't mind, so much, the overwhelming financial advantage that they have, nor do I object to players who want to take top dollar to join a successful organization (which is the right of any worker, in any field). What I do hate is arrogance. And this organization and it's fans very, very arrogant. And the universe really does seem to get very creative when punishing the arrogant.


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