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Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Come Not to Praise Griffey But to Bury Bonds

Long-time readers know that Jim and I have had some issues with Jeff Pearlman in the past. But this time, I will admit that I agree with him.

Pearlman is absolutely correct that we should appreciate Ken Griffey Jr. while we can. Griffey is one of the great players of our generation, and despite the injuries and emergence of the new generation of stars (Pujols, Howard, Guerrero, Beltran, Santana, et al) deserves to be remembered as such.

However…if you’re going to write a piece about how great a player Junior is, then write a piece about how great a player Junior is. And not another attack on how vile Barry Bonds is.

PS – For no real good (or mature) reason, I find it utterly hilarious that Pearlman breaks out another Hall and Oates reference in this piece. Perhaps those jokes can make Sara Smile, but I Can’t Go For That. Maybe it’s because I’m Out of Touch. If I were a Rich Girl, I could hire some Private Eyes to go One on One with Pearlman to find out why a Family Man would resort to cheap jokes like that…

PPS – For the record, I want to reiterate that I have no mature (or good) reason for finding Hall and Oates jokes utterly hilarious.

PPPS – Jeff, if you’re still reading us, I just wanted to confirm that, yes, we are still a couple of uneducated blockheads (if the preceding postscripts haven’t confirmed that already). Perhaps I need to sign up for some Adult Education.


  • I still read and enjoy your blog. It's funny that you noticed the two Hall & Oates references. Confession: I use them because I'm actually a big Hall & Oates fan, and my wife always makes fun of me for such. So I try and drop H&O in as many pieces as possible, just to humor her.

    As for Bonds, I bash him because he deserves to be bashed. I have nothing against the man on a personal basis. But what he, and others, have done to a sport I love is horrific.

    Love the blog ...

    Jeff Pearlman

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 PM  

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