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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bravo for Life's Little Ironies

The Cubs finished their exhibition schedule with two games in Las Vegas against Seattle. I can only wonder if the various distractions provided by Vegas led Sully to phone this nearly worthless column into the Tower today:

"Chicago might be a good place to play, but it is a tough place to lose, one of the toughest," Pierre told the Tribune last month.

"They love their Cubbies in that town, and they sell out almost every game at Wrigley. We lost almost 100 games and the fans voiced their opinion.

"It was unpleasant and sometimes it got nasty, but you knew they were yelling because they love their team. That's what made it so disappointing."

Although the fans still are coming out in droves to watch the Cubs, the booing and harassment of players such as Corey Patterson and Jacque Jones have contributed to the "tough" atmosphere to which Pierre was referring, which raises the question:

Has the fans' impatience begun to hurt the team as they vent their frustration on struggling players?

It wasn't even a week ago that another Trib columnists ridiculed Cubs Fans as suckers, hayseeds, rubes, and bumpkins for cheering their team and believing it might win something this year.

Today, Cubs Fans are too nasty, and can hurt their team because they booed the guys who finished dead last and lost almost one hundred games.

That's the great thing about sticking to scripts. If you want to print a column about how stupid Cubs Fans are, you can. If you want to print a column about how mean Cubs Fans were to Jacque and Juan, you can. Any sense of logic (or irony) get checked at the door.

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