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Monday, April 02, 2007

Great Googaly Moogaly

As if we need further proof, five of the six Trib baseball journamalists prove that they're either clueless or dopey by offering these predictions for the AL Cy Young winner:

Mike Downey -- Josh Beckett
Mark Gonzales -- Rich Harden
Rick Morrissey -- Roy Halladay
Phil Rogers -- Mariano Rivera
Paul Sullivan -- Jered Weaver

Dave van Dyck was the only writer to provide the correct answer to the question: Johan Santana. After the last two years, how do you not give Bat-Girl's fave the benefit of the doubt?

Those four-year J-school degrees serve only marginally better when the panel presented their picks for NL MVP:

Mike Downey -- Carlos Beltran
Mark Gonzales -- Carlos Beltran
Rick Morrissey -- Albert Pujols
Phil Rogers -- Prince Fielder
Paul Sullivan -- Albert Pujols
Dave van Dyck -- Andruw Jones

Sully and Big Mouth acquit themselves by making the correct choice. But what the heck is up with the rest of that lot?

Beltran's a superb player, but now he should be playing the role Albert's played the last few years -- the guy who finishes second in the MVP balloting.

Andruw Jones? Let me put it like this -- you're putting together a team, and can stock your roster with anyone you please. Do you take Jones or Pujols first? I thought so.

And c'mon, Dr. Phil. Fielder???? Someday, perhaps. But we're not talking about the 2014 MVP now...

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