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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Double Your Standard, Double Your Fun

This is just for anyone who thinks that rule interpretations like the Tom Glavine Expand-A-Zone (tm) strike zone are unique to major league baseball.

There is and has always been a double standard for stars when it comes to rules enforcement. That goes for MLB, the NFL, NBA, and probably the World Marbles Championship. Wilt Chamberlain played in 1045 NBA games and never fouled out. Craig Biggio can wear more body armor than an Imperial Stormtrooper and lean over the plate until he covers half the strike zone and umpires look the other way.

Why? Stars pay the bills, and every sporting organization knows it. Is it right? Not really. Is it going to change any time soon? I seriously doubt it. There is no incentive for MLB or the PGA or anyone else to change it, no matter how blatant it appears to you or I or how much their own rank-and-file complains about it.


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