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Monday, May 14, 2007

It Might As Well Rain Until November

So it's come to this...World Series games scheduled for November.

Here's how Baseless Bob DuPuy rationalizes it:

Starting the World Series in the middle of the week, when television viewership is historically higher, will provide more fans with the opportunity to watch the games. The additional off-days throughout the postseason will give us greater flexibility to facilitate travel and protect against poor weather.

Good thing they're planning for crappy weather. The closer we get to November, the greater the chance for crappy weather.

But weather schmeather. There's TV money to be had. MLB is caving in to the demands of the networks to grab every last dollar it can.

Great googaly moogaly...the regular season ends on 30 September. MLB has 31 days to get a total of 19 games scheduled and played. And they can't.

The hell? Is the NBA scheduling their post season?

[Editor's note: thanks to Jim for letting me steal that last line. Now if I can steal 5,000 more, we'll be even. I kid, of course. It's closer to 3,675.]

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