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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Don't Say It's So, Joe

It seems that Bob and I aren't the only ones who think that Joe Morgan is among the very worst baseball analysts ever. Check out a couple of other examples here and here.

As Mushnick points out, the only problem with Joe's little Phillies story is that it never happened. Well, it sort of happened, but in the wrong year and in a game that didn't involve a famous pennant race. Look it up for yourself on Retrosheet. Joe Morgan made his major league debut on September 21, 1963, pinch hitting for Don Nottebart in the third inning. He popped out to Tony Taylor. He did have a game winning RBI single in the bottom of the ninth the next night, off of Johnny Klippstein. And knowing Gene Mauch, he may well have overturned a table after the game. But not because the Phillies were blowing a pennant; the 1963 Phillies finished 12 games out.

The Phillies did play the Colt 45's six times in September 1964, all of them before the historic losing streak started. The Phillies won four of the six games. Joe Morgan didn't play in any of them.

Joe Morgan has one very famous game winning single to his credit. I'm not sure why he needed to make up another one. Perhaps because he's a terrible broadcaster with nothing of any value to contribute?

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