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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Triumph from Your Baseball Media

Rick Gano of the AP provides a darkly amusing insight into the baseball media's mind with the lead paragraph of his Cubs/Brewers game story today:

Incessant talk of the 100-year anniversary of the Chicago Cubs’ last World Series title already has grown old and really has nothing to do with their 0-2 start in 2008.

Several questions spring to mind with just this one sentence:

1. If the "incessant talk" of the 100 years is "already old," then why are you bringing it up?

2. You do realize you're just adding to the incessant-ness of it all, right?

3. If the "incessant talk" has "nothing to do" with the horrible, terrible, end-the-season-now-we're-doomed 0-2 start, then why are you bringing it up in conjunction with the horrible, terrible, end-the-season-now-we're-doomed 0-2 start?

It's just the latest sign of this year's favored media script: any mention of the Cubs needs to make some reference to the 100 year drought, no matter what!

Like this piece from Sully today. This article is about the new surface at Wrigley Field (one that was, by all accounts, long overdue). You'd think it would be hard to fit in a reference to the Cubs' history of futility.

You'd be right -- but Sully is equal to the challenge. He holds off until the penultimate paragraph of the piece, but he satisfies his masters at the Tower with this:
Waiting for warm weather in a typical Chicago spring can test the patience of anyone, including fans who never have seen their team win a championship during their lifetime.

He doesn't explicitly mention the hundred years, so give him points for a fresh take on an old script. Well played, Sully. Well played, indeed...

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