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Friday, April 13, 2018

Tank Battle

Here is a good article that I missed earlier. Call it tanking or call it rebuilding, there is nothing wrong with what these teams are doing. People will say that you should always put your best team on the field and always try to win, but when the best team that you can put on the field is aging crap and what's more, aging crap featuring immature, divisive jerks, the best path for a team is to tear it down and bring in new players that at least have the promise of something more special.

This should be stunningly obvious, but not every team has the resources of the Yankees or Red Sox. It's the job of management to see when the window is closing on a team and move accordingly. I would bet that teams like this, this, and this would have loved to have the team building options available to them that teams do today. But remember, those were the Good Old Days, when baseball was perfect.


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