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Monday, October 09, 2006

Focusing on What’s Important

Last Friday was a slow news day. So Sully phoned in a typically lame piece comparing how the most famous names attached to the Cubs’ managing gig (Brenly, Girardi, Piniella) “match up in some key areas.”

And which area is most key? Quotability, of course! Sully spent 261 out of 1,121 words discussing this very important subject.

Sully used exactly zero words describing their managerial tendencies, favored in-game strategies, lineup construction, handling of pitching staffs – in short, any subject remotely useful to evaluating their performance as a Major League manager.

But who cares about that? As long as the Cubs hire a guy who can pop off a few quick sound bites before deadline, it’s all good. Even if the Wrigley interview room is the Worst Place on Earth.


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