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Friday, March 02, 2007

Just Wondering

So Sports Illustrated reporters Luis Fernando Llosa and L. Jon Wertheim have been working the latest steroids story.

Among the names linked to the story:

Boxing's Evander Holyfield. I haven't heard anyone wailing about boxing's hallowed records.

Richard A. Rydze, a doctor who works with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I haven't heard anyone gnashing their teeth about the NFL's crummy steroids policy.

And Gary Matthews Jr. and Jerry Hairston Jr. The reporters note that neither Matthews nor Hairston are accused of actually using the juice; the investigation just questions if they received the steroids. Good to see the presumption of innocence in action.

Meanwhile, I haven't heard a roar of outrage from the collected masses of baseball fans about the latest alleged cheaters. And I've read only a few columns bemoaning the latest allegations.

Could it be that the hackles of the fans and the media are raised only if our hallowed home run records are at stake?

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