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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Strong Words, Indeed

Almost missed this in the weekend rush. Here's our old friend Baron Budhausen, taking one of his patented strong stands on steroid use in MLB:

This is a social institution. We have enormous social responsibilities. That means every single one of us. That means starting with the commissioner and everybody in this sport. And therefore when something happens in instances like this, I think we all have that responsibility. I know this from an institutional standpoint, when we have something like this that comes up, I can't hide it, nor should I, nor should anybody else.

Great googaly moogaly! I had to read that a dozen times just to parse all the various ways the Baron managed to say absolutely nothing.

But the Baron didn't spend all his time blowing wind up our keisters. Here's his take on Gary Matthews Jr., and whether or not he believes Little Sarge should say something (anything) about those pesky steroids allegations:

A statement would be very, very helpful, to say the least.

Strong words, indeed.

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