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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Greetings from Orlando

Limited posting the next few days, as I'm down in Orlando. Not for fun, baseball-related stuff. No, I'm trapped in a conference room talkin' replenishment to help make the world's largest retailer that much more profitable...errr...customer-friendly.

Anyway, I had to laugh dark, mordant chuckles at the press's panic over the Cubs' start this spring. Sully had this nugget o' joy:

The Cubs started the 1997 season with a National League-record 14 straight losses.

Ten years later, manager Lou Piniella is hoping to see his team win a Cactus League game before the end of spring training.

Ha ha ha ha! 'Cause everyone knows how important those spring training games are.

I mean, who could forget that last week of the '06 Cactus League pennant race? When those...two teams...you know, those guys who were winning a lot...came right down to the wire to claim that...well, it's a championship, I guess. So it's important.

No, no one remembers who won last year's spring training championship. Because the games don't count for jack. Unless you're a hack looking to beat someone up.

No one seemed to remember that the White Sox started this year 0-4 (slightly worse than the Cubs' 0-3-1 mark at the time Sully made his funny). But the eds at the Tribune Tower didn't bash the Pale Hose. There were more exciting things going on in Sox camp to cover...like all the great athletes in John Danks' family!

Must be part of that Tribune Co. bias I keep hearing about...



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