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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh, For Fun!

Death of the Goat Riders talked with some real live journamalists about bloggers and the traditional media.

Our good, good friend Sully took part in it. Here's the bit from him that made me laugh and laugh:

I don't know why bloggers would want to feel they're part of the media. It's not like there are any great rewards for being able to say, "I'm in the media." It's just our jobs. Maybe they should invent a separate category, like the "bloggia." Obviously anyone with an ISP can start a blog, while most newspaper reporters have to actually go to college and get a degree before they can get a job in the media. We've paid our dues.

Actually, Sully is wrong -- you don't even need an ISP. We could go to the public library and post on Blogger. Technically, I guess that's an ISP, but you're not paying for it...

And that J-School training Sully is so proud of? Is it really worth the time and effort when the end result is panicking over a team's 0-3-1 start in the Cactus League? Or if he can't be bothered to get the basic game facts correct?

Whatever. Read the piece. Death talks with Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus and a guy I actually respect in Bruce Miles of the Arlington Daily Herald. It's worth your effort.



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