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Friday, March 09, 2007

More Writerly Goodness

Yesterday, my own immaturity and poor taste compelled me to mock Sully for a statement he made in an interview at Goat Riders. Here's the quip in question, in case you don't feel like scrolling down a bit:

Obviously anyone with an ISP can start a blog, while most newspaper reporters have to actually go to college and get a degree before they can get a job in the media. We've paid our dues.

I then went on to cite a few examples of how all that training is shaping the state of the Chicago baseball media.

However, I forgot a pair of the most egregious examples I've chronicled on this blog. For this, I blame Jim for distracting me while blogging.

The first is this classic from September '06. While Sully may have earned that degree in journamalism, he evidently minored in smirking. I guess if you pay your dues, you can smirk whenever the heck you want...

The second is this nugget of joy, posted just last month. I may not have gotten a fancy degree at J-school like Sully, but I've slogged through a few journalism classes in my day. And in this compare-and-contrast piece, I think even those readers who haven't gone to college and earned a degree that would allow them a job in the media will be able to tell which story follows the classic "pyramid" of a straight news story, and which one is written by Sully.



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