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Monday, March 26, 2007

This Is What Four Years in J-School Gets You

Sully checks in with this news flash:

It’s easier to hit in the warmth and sunshine of Arizona in March than the bitter cold and biting winds of Wrigley Field in April.

No kidding.

Ironically, there was a blurb last week that mentioned that while the Cubs’ team ERA was tenth in the NL, it was best among the NL teams that trained in Arizona. And since it was easier to hit in Arizona than Florida, the Cubs’ staff was doing OK. The blurb then went on to say that the Cubs offense had opened a can of whoop-ass lately, and weren’t things just rosy?

I wish I could find a link to it, but I can’t, so please take my word for it.

But anyone with the critical thinking abilities of a middle school student should be able to see the disconnect in that statement. You can say that the Cubs’ ERA is okee-dokee because it’s so damned easy to hit in Arizona. But that makes it a bit difficult to bask in the warming glow of the Cubs’ offense glowing warmth.

If Sully wanted to talk about spring training stats, he could write about how nobody gives a rat’s hinder about them after about April 10 instead of pestering A-Ram about how he’s going to adapt to the artic conditions in Chicago.

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