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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This Guy’s Giving Etiquette Lessons?

Big news in Chicago today – Maddux pitching at Wrigley, and Sosa swinging at the Cell.

And whenever the press gaggle needs a sound bite at the Cell, they know they can count on Ozzie Guillen. Here’s what he says about Sammy Sosa:

Sammy represented our city very well. All the stuff he did … corked bat? He's not the first one to use it. The things they accuse him of? We don't know. I have a lot of respect for him to miss one year, come back, make the team and help these guys do what they want to do.

Sammy did more good stuff in baseball than bad stuff, and we have to respect that. The Cubs should be proud of him. I'm not going to say they treated him bad, but I think a lot of people turned their back on him when he needed it. Maybe that's his own fault…

This kid is going to make the Hall of Fame and be wearing a Cubs hat. People forget. Between him and Mark [McGwire], they saved this game [in 1998] and made people watch this game again. I respect that.

So Ozzie’s down with Slammin’ Sammy because he hit a lot of homers, wasn’t the first person to cork, and has no definite proof of juicing.

Oh, but the Cubs (and, reading somewhat between the lines) treated him badly. We “turned our back on him when he needed it.”

So it’s come to this: Ozzie Guillen is lecturing me for voicing my displeasure with a guy on my team. That’s rich.

I recall some not-very-pleasant things Guillen said about Magglio Ordonez and Frank Thomas when they left the Sox. And he has the gall to tell me I can’t boo a guy who walked out on his team? Hey, at least Big Frank stuck around for the games.

Guillen giving Cub Fan etiquette lessons. That’s like going to the Super Genius for sobriety tips…

UPDATE: I found it darkly amusing listening to the Gameday Audio of the Sox/Rangers game tonight. White Sox Fan was booing Sosa! Don't they have any respect for what he's done for the game? The booing qwas abruptly silenced after Sosa hit a dinger in the eighth. Maybe they suddenly remembered all he's done for the game at that moment...

Speaking of the Gameday Audio, what's the deal with the White Sox feed? Every other team's feed I've listened in on this week has come through fine. But the feed from White Sox flagship WSCR is full of static and tends to drop out an annoying number of times. I thought it might be my connection, but the Texas station comes in OK. WSCR is a crappy little station whose transmitter seems to be powered by several elderly guinea pigs, so perhaps that's the problem...

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