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Thursday, May 17, 2007

These Guys Weren't So Stupid, Either

Expanding on the thought Jim had the other day about actually waiting for games to be played before judging a trade, there were some free agent signings that were widely panned last winter that don't appear to suck too much now.

Lucky for me, I saw that ESPN's Jerry Crasnick got around to writing about it before I spent any appreciative amount of time on research. And Crasnick highlights the guys I had first thought of when I began this little thought experiment: Jason Marquis, Jeff Suppan, Gil Meche, and Ted Lilly.

Yes, the season is still early. Yes, nobody expects any of these guys to continue to post such terrific numbers,

On the other hand, no one expected these guys to do anything but (a) stink and (b) cash their ridiculously large paychecks. Although I don't think any of this lot should make room on their mantle for a Cy Young, I think they deserve some respect for their performances to date.

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