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Monday, July 23, 2007

We’ll Always Have Paris

So I’m gabbing with one of the sales guys at work this afternoon. It was a required-by-law baseball chat, since he is Cardinal Fan and I am Cub Fan, and our eternal rivalry continues tomorrow night.

As Cardinal Fan is wont to do, he was whining about how difficult his season has been. Trying to lighten the mood, I told him it could be worse – he could be White Sox Fan.

His reply: “At least they’ve won something before the last Ice Age.”

It’s a familiar refrain I’ve heard from just about everybody over the last few years. But it got me thinking – if we’re discussing what’s going on right now, this year, who the hell cares what happened last year, two years ago, or (for that matter) last week?

Last year was great for Cardinal Fan. 2005 was awesome for White Sox Fan. Alas, they don’t play for the PGA, so there’s no sponsor’s exemption for them to get a pass this year. The flag flies forever, but it hasn’t given either team any extra lift this year.

Looking at it from the other extreme, the Tigers lost 119 games in 2003. None of those affected their World Series run last year.

The Brewers haven’t had a winning season since before Ryne Sandberg retired the first time. Somehow, the Brew Crew isn’t letting that stop them from stomping on the NL Central.

I like history and reminiscing as much as the next guy. But when I’m discussing current events, neither of those is very relevant. Learning from history is one thing, but missing history in the making because we can’t tear ourselves away from our favorite stories is another…



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