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Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Triumphs from the House of Ideas

It's been an amazing week at the Tower...

Dave van Dyck grudgingly admitted that, well, maybe those computer geeks at Baseball Prospectus weren't too far off the mark when its computer predicted the White Sox would be (to put it charitably) not good this year.

Of course, van Dyck completely disappears his own hysterical reaction to the prediction, which his eds waved into print back in March. Fortunately the good folks at Fire Joe Morgan did a bang-up job mocking it in real time, so I don't have to dig it up.

Van Dyck outdoes himself with this piece on how the Chicago ballparks are holding up after this week's deluge of rain. And wouldn't you know it? In discussing what kind of shape Wrigley Field is in, van Dyck goes to the head groundskeeper at U.S. Cellular Field!

Will the field be safe and dry for Tuesday's big game against the Brewers? You won't have any idea after reading van Dyck's story. He spends nine words talking about what's going on right now at Wrigley. And then he spends 400 more talking about what the White Sox' guy is going to do this off season to improve the draining system.

Granted, the Cubs' groundskeeper is probably a little busy right now. But it would have been nice for van Dyck to spare a sentence or two about how the field is holding up.

Finally, Dr. Phil takes a look around and notices that that Chris Young guy the White Sox traded away for whatever's left of Javier Vazquez might have come in handy this year. You'd think a guy who wailed and gnashed his teeth over the short-sighted dumping of guys like Corey Patterson, Ricky Nolasco, Todd Wellemeyer, and Jon Leicester (you know, guys you can build a franchise around) would have noticed that Young is an OK player before now. You'd be wrong, though.

I mean, if you read nothing but Dr. Phil this year, you'd have no idea that this guy was having a pretty good year. If a guy hitting .358 travels under the good doctor's radar, I guess it's no surprise that a .235 hitter wouldn't make the grade...

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