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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fish in a Barrel

It's almost too easy, but I have to mock Dr. Phil for updating his rather...errrr...oh, the hell with politeness, let's just call it sprocking stupid mathematical system for judging off-season talent acquisition:

5. Atlanta's trade for Mark Kotsay and the recent signings of Jon Lieber (Cubs), Mike Cameron (Milwaukee), Emil Brown (Oakland) and Jeremy Affeldt (Cincinnati) have caused slight changes in the plus-minus inventory numbers from this winter's transaction. In terms of proven players added, the leaders are Detroit (+3), the White Sox (+2), Tampa Bay (+2), Toronto (+1), Houston (+1) and Cincinnati (+1). Houston's improvement comes with a big asterisk, however, as Tejada's status for 2008 is uncertain. The teams leaking the most proven talent are St. Louis (-5), Oakland (-4) and Florida (-2).

Jim's already ripped on Dr. Phil for this idiotic accounting system. For further proof, see the above paragraph, where the A's get props for signing Emil Brown and the Reds get a plus one for signing Affeldt. Neither is a horrible, horrible signing, but neither are they anything to get overly excited about.

PS -- Remember, this guy has a Hall of Fame ballot. I weep for the future...

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