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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanks, Sully!

On Saturday, March 22, the genius that is Paul Sullivan notes this as an area the Cubs "needed to shore up:"

Winning attitude

The Cubs have not won more than two games in a row all spring and have had several games in which the bullpen blew a late-inning lead. With seven games remaining and most of the regulars playing six or more innings, they should start treating the games with a little more importance.

Since then, my heroes are 3-0-1. The only non-win -- the remarkably un-remarked up come-from-behind-several-times tie against the White Sox.

I'm sure that the players read this in their paper that fateful Saturday morning and said, "Damn -- Sully's right. We'd best be treatin' the games with a little more importance. Let's go out an win one for Sully!"

Amazingly, there wasn't a mention at all in the paper about how yesterday's big win catapulted the team to its first three-game winning streak of March. Funny the way it works...

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