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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Hey -- did you hear about that Chicago reliever who missed an appearance in the Cactus League because of back issues?

I'd be surprised if you hadn't. I mean, it was right there in the Chicago Tribune. Plain as day, right there in the seventh paragraph of Mark Gonzales' story about how Juan Uribe had been placed on waivers:

During the game third baseman Josh Fields was hit hard on his right forearm with a pitch and afterward it was learned reliever Scott Linebrink wouldn't pitch asscheduled Friday because of back pain.

Will the ragging ever end? Lay off the guy, Mark! It's just minor back pain in March. What's the big deal???

Oh, and for those of you who thought I was referring to Kerry Wood...yeah, right. Hardly anyone said a word about that guy. Kenny was right -- that other team always gets a pass...

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